Over the years I’ve amassed a range of experiences across education, leadership, and tech. Highlights include a PhD in education, learning to code, and leading a team of educators and subject matter experts in the development and delivery of Higher Education accredited web development bootcamps.

Education & Training
  • Over 10yrs of teaching before, during, and post-pandemic
    • Face to Face classroom
    • Virtual
    • Hybrid
  • Teaching a variety of content
    • Educational theory and practice
    • Research methods (quantitative & qualitative)
    • Coding fundamentals (Ruby / Rails / Python / JavaScript / C / HTML & CSS)
    • Developer tools and methodology (git, unix terminal, GitHub, Agile)
  • Managing a team of 10-20 neurodiverse Coding Bootcamp educators
  • Currently studying MBA (Leadership)
  • Prolific reader of HBR
Coding & Dev Tools I can read code and write basic programs in:
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • JavaScript
I love using dev tools and methodologies such as:
  • Unix Terminal
  • git
  • GitHub & GitLab
  • vim
  • VS Code
  • Docs as code
  • PhD thesis in Education
  • 5yrs of experience as a Research Assistant (quant / qual)
  • Co-author of numerous academic papers
  • Multiple conference presentations

More details can be found by clicking on the headings above, and my CV can be downloaded here.

Examples of my Communication Style

While most of my work is company product and ‘behind closed doors’, I can share a few bits and pieces: